Nino Feza..anche Ortona per la Siria..e Auxilia Emilia Romagna

During the Steering auxilia Emilia Romagna has decided to open a permanent corridor for aid for Syrian children, children of Atma, there will Ravenna, Bologna Cesena for now for those who want to help out the essential items are milk powder for babies, shoes, socks, toys, school supplies, diapers, wipes, blankets, sheets, towels, medicines to […] [...more]

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(Italiano) Siria da Nino Fezza 18/03/ al 24/03/2013

Syria…. March 24 … 14:00 … ALEPPO: Tal Refaat. … Many injuries are the result of a bombardment with planes in town … most are women … HOMS: Houla …. 4 aerial bombardment affected the city this morning …. HOMS: Dar Kabira …. the MIG aircraft attack …. the bombing struck the Office of communication […] [...more]

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(Italiano) Damasco ..figli di un dio minore……

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. [...more]

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