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After many years of reflection and active involvement in research on crime and victimization, particularly child, it seemed that it was a great way to convey a culture and an awareness of this serious blind spot. open a site for the circularity of information in real time. We will contact with our talents, the 3 terms that appear in the site name, Crime, Victims, Psicantropos, prof. Emilio VIANO, world expert on victimology for the United States, the lawyer Karinna Braga Ferreira for Brazil and Latin America, I, Maria Rosa DOMINICI BORTOLOTTI for Europe. The intent is that this site will become a place where you can fulfill an information service, prevention and training in such areas as already present and logical continuation of my project Psicantropos, born in 1996. Anything to spread the culture and the awareness of victimology. Though for years we are talking about human rights, the greater the victimization always in every industry are convinced that this is not enough to relegate the attention devoted to the days, but make sure that accountability becomes everyday citizens in the global village.

Respect of self and self, the sacredness of the body, the weakest defense of the social chain, are basic elements of co-existence and survival of human beings among themselves and the environment, source of life, so we will cover some of these ecological violence, busines for transnational crime, victimization areas that are depleting the planet, wiping niches of culture and civilization, genocide … depriving heritage and historical sites, a reference point for all humanity.

The elements of anthropological, psychological, sociological, philosophical, religious, are the substantial basis of human relations, together with the conservation of natural and cultural resources that enable the evolution of life .. Even the destruction of the Buddhas was a crime and victimization by declaring the works of art of the east-ethics, that so much damage to the human, the disappearance of entire areas of fauna and flora which result in damage to all of us allowing us to discover and use additional sources of growth, care and conservation of various species, that is why we are open to various staff and specialists who recognize our need and desire in this, there are things that prevent that by a few, many suffer harm , and then become victims. The era of profit and the company is already a source of victimization, it is with this spirit that we wish to open to those who recognize in this service project be next with their talents and experience, not arrendiamoci, is the man himself creating their own nightmares, and if it is true that the body does what the mind wants, do it our minds, our hearts and our minds want our right, defending adherence to duty the protection of rights.

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